Anniversary sound miracle: With its selected materials, such as the acoustic fabric specially developed by Loewe, the DAB + radio offers a timeless design language. With its natural oak inlay, the natural structure of the wood creates a unique design. For a crystal-clear, full sound experience with a total music output of 28 watts. Thanks to the integrated wake-up and snooze function, the radio is ideal for use as a convenient alarm clock.

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DAB+ reception
Bluetooth capable
Secure with Kensington Lock
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Bluetooth music player
Display dimmable
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100 years Loewe. 100 years Radio Frequenz.
To mark the founding of the Radio Frequenz GmbH in Berlin by the two Loewe brothers and as a reminder of the roots of the company in the development of radio-television-technology, the Loewe radio.frequency offers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in the smallest space.
Easy to operate with 2,6" LCD display.
The high-contrast 2,6" LCD display allows an easy usage of the radio while showing all relevant settings. Everything at a glance - time, radio station and entered settings.
Unique design for every radio with natural oak inlays.
Perfected for design lovers with selected materials such as the acoustic fabric developed by Loewe in basalt grey and natural real wood inlays made of Canadian oak. Each radio.frequency is a unique product of ist own with the natural wood inlays.
Easy operation anywhere. With up to 14 hours playtime.
Portable, light weigt and robust: The Loewe radio.frequency offers you maximum operating convenience anywhere and anytime with up to 14 hours of playtime.
Independent audio enjoyment with full 28 watts sound.
State-of-the-art technology with DAB+, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C charging function and lithium battery combined with the simplest operation, practical portability and surporisingly fulll sound from 28 watts with 2 active drivers - for independent radio enjoyment anytime and anywhere.

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